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Why join our programme?

1. Programme for all

Subsidies provided for all B40 & M40 families.

2. All in one place

All classes given in the same location.

3. Long term Impact

5 years duration to guarantee child development.

Our programme includes:

All classes will be taught in English.

Improve physical well being and healthy competition.

Duration and Frequency:

2 times a week / 1 hour class9 months / year

Hand-eye coordination and basic movement overall.

Muscle development, stability and stretching.

Improvement of speed and flexibility.

Developing a good base of physical endurance and stamina.

Squash Training

Increase English proficiency and communication skills.

Duration and Frequency:

2 times a week / 1 hour class9 months / year

Familiar topics, stories, adventures and world themes.

Practice new vocabulary on familiar topics.

Writing new vocaculary through stories.

Read independently and form an interest on variety of topics.

English Tutoring
Now more than ever we need to come together and support each other. That is why our programme is subsidized to allow anyone and everyone to join.
Datuk Nicol David & Mariana De Reyes
Founders Nicol David Organisation

Parents are also Legends!

Parents development is also very important to us, that’s why they will also benefit from our programme.

Enmascarar grupo 55

Encourage and support parents through various workshops.

Duration and Frequency:
1 Saturday each month
9 months / year

Types of Workshops:
Eat Right: Nutrition importance and workshops

Be Active: Importance of physical activity: Squash
classes, Endurance training

Be Inspired: Talks and sharing with special speakers

Relax: Community activities

Parents Workshops

Our facilities

We have 3 Squash courts and 2 classrooms.

Be a Little Legend